Acceptable Use.

At College Tools we are dedicated to offering our users top-tier educational services. To maintain the quality and reliability of our services, we have established an Acceptable Use Policy for our platform. This policy is in place to ensure a consistent and fair experience for all users.

Usage Caps

Daily Usage Limit: Our platform provides extensive access to educational resources. However, to ensure equitable access for all users, we have set daily usage limits. These limits are in place to prevent any single user or group from excessively burdening our system.

Supporting Our User Base: Our goal is to provide an efficient and uninterrupted service to all our users. The daily usage limits help us maintain a high level of service availability and reliability.

Review and Adjustment: We regularly review these usage limits and may modify them based on system demand, performance, and user feedback. We will inform our users of any changes in advance.

Monitoring and Enforcement

Monitoring Usage: We actively monitor platform usage to ensure compliance with this Acceptable Use Policy.

Violation of Policy: If we find that a user consistently exceeds the set limits, we may need to temporarily restrict their access to protect the platform's stability for all users.

Communication: We will communicate any necessary restrictions to the users involved, explaining the reasons and any possible solutions.

Responsabilities of Users

Responsible Use: We trust our users to use our platform responsibly and considerately. Please avoid overuse that could negatively impact other users.

Feedback: If you feel that the usage limits are hindering your experience, please contact our support team. We welcome feedback and will take it into account when adjusting our policies.

Updates to This Policy

We may periodically update this Acceptable Use Policy. We encourage users to review this policy regularly. Continued use of our platform after any changes signifies acceptance of the new terms.

Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to our Acceptable Use Policy. Your understanding helps us continue to provide high-quality educational services to all users. For questions or concerns about this policy, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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