Shaping Future Careers: A Highschooler's Guide

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High school is a critical phase for career shaping as it introduces teenagers to a plethora of career paths. The abundance of choices often causes confusion. It becomes crucial at this juncture to seek Career Guidance around various sectors, keeping in mind one's interest and potential.

Why Career Guidance in High School is Important

Choosing a career path is integral to everyone's life, but it is especially significant for high schoolers. They must carefully analyze their interests and skills before picking a career path because career decisions will immensely impact their future. This process needs to be facilitated in high school, one of the most crucial developmental phases for adolescents.

Role of Online Platforms in Career Guidance

The internet offers a wide range of resources for career guidance, but high schoolers often need a structured platform to get the most out of these resources. Online training platforms are increasingly becoming integral in guiding high school students towards their chosen career paths. If you're a high schooler or a parent of one, you should be aware of the best online training platforms available today.

Best Online Training Platforms for High School Students

No one size fits all when it comes to online training platforms. Each platform uniquely supports individual learning preferences and career goals. Let’s delve into some of the best online training platforms available for high-school students:

  1. Khan Academy: This platform is a comprehensive library of content on various subjects from math to art history. It has partner content from institutions like NASA and the Museum of Modern Art to provide high-quality education for free.
  2. Coursera: Coursera partners with universities and organizations worldwide to offer courses on various topics. It's a great place for high school students to explore college-level courses and decide what might interest them in their career.
  3. EdX: Like Coursera, EdX is a platform offering university-level courses on a wide range of topics. It also provides MicroMasters programs that can give high school students an edge when it comes to college admissions.
  4. College Tools: Not just limited to course content, this platform also offers resources for career advice, scholarship opportunities, and even AI-powered study helpers to assist students with their study material.

How LinkedIn Learning Can Enhance Career Guidance

As another remarkable resource, LinkedIn Learning provides numerous courses about various industries and career paths. High school students can utilize this platform for career exploration and knowledge enhancement.

Professionals and industry leaders design the courses on LinkedIn Learning, giving students firsthand insights into numerous career options. Additionally, this platform enables students to network with professionals, making it a comprehensive career exploration and learning platform.

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